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Larry day-brand ambassador

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Choosing a brand ambassador for Jonny Fellrunner was easy as the ideal candidate is someone who naturally embodies the spirit, ethos and inspiration behind it. At JNY FLR we doff our (trucker) caps to those elite runners and winners of races, marvelling at the sometimes unfathomable feats of endurance by record breaking trail blazers but vigorously applaud and raise a glass to those who run for the fun of it, just to 'get out there'. The

camaraderie of the days adventure and the tales to dwell on into the night in the hostelries afterwards. Lifting a trophy perhaps warrants respect but just turning up and giving it your best and having the guts to admit ’today is not my day‘ and taking a DNF on the chin earns you a medal in the Jonny Fellrunner book of honour.

So as you hopefully read on, bear in mind the Jonny Fellrunner philosophy (of sorts) and see why when asked for a few words on his past races, experiences and any lessons learned, Larry's responses couldn't have been more fitting as the first Jonny Fellrunner brand ambassador.

Larry Day, Lake District, UK. (Fellrunner, trail runner, ultra runner, human being)

(In his own words...)

The stuff I am most proud of is probably the things which are hardest, I think sometimes I should be called third time lucky Larry! The ones that fall into that category are Old County Tops (Fell Race), Wasdale (Fell Race) and one of the UTMB® (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc) races, all of which took 3 shots to complete.


Saying that probably the one I am most attached to and can’t seem to entirely put out of my mind is the High Peak Marathon. (The HPM is a 4 person team, night time fell adventure around the Derwent watershed route, through the boggiest terrain the Peak District has to offer). It’s the team thing I think, it creates a unique bond between the 'survivors'. It's quite special that the first time was including Craig (Harwood)* as a mentor to myself and fellow Macc Harriers as we were then, Jon Tatham and Phil Barnes all of whom were a bit ‘green’ at the time. Every year I just think that I want another go and to share it with people who I trust implicitly, it isn’t a race, it’s an experience!


The TDS (UTMB® Race) was a bit of a marked turning point in my running 'career' as I finally figured out the ‘how to’ finish. And it all went better than planned really. You just have to remember to keep looking around you as all the inspiration you need is right there.


There have been plenty of ‘DNFs’ and every one is as valuable as every success, in fact they facilitate the successes. Tree that bends… and all that guff! One of my favorite’s was an Edale Skyline (Fell Race) when I had a mystery thigh cramping issue which only manifested on descents so I had to work twice as hard on the up’s and flats, only to get passed by everyone I had just gone past on the down, swearing and tiptoeing every step of the painful way, a PW (personal worst) time but a lesson in how to tough it out. This year’s second to last finish position at Buttermere was pretty special as well; big thanks to whoever kept me off the top spot though, never underestimate a Lakeland Classic.

Larry takes on the mighty UTMB® Race, Friday 31st August 2018. Jonny Fellrunner will be with him in spirit from 6pm!

*Sadly Craig Harwood was fatally injured in a climbing accident in 2014.

Words by Larry Day, edited by Jon T for Jonny Fellrunner ©2018


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